What We Stand For

Freedom At Home, Strength Abroad

Founded by Ambassador Nikki Haley, Stand for America is an advocacy group promoting public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security.

More and more here at home, we see our prosperity being threatened by socialist schemes of higher taxes, burdensome job-destroying regulations, government-run health care, and unsecure borders.

Abroad, a growing number of rogue regimes threaten our security and look to divide us. Iranian-backed radical Islamic terrorism threatens to kill innocent Americans. Communist China is spreading its influence throughout the world. North Korea still has nuclear weapons that can hit us. Russia meddles in our elections and invades neighboring countries. In our own backyard, socialist dictators in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua oppress their own people and support narcotrafficking that invades America.

We have seen true evil across the globe. We will never stop fighting for what makes America great. But we must do it together. We have to remember that what unites us as Americans is stronger than what divides us along political lines. Each of us has a part to play and we need you to stand up with us to keep our country safe, strong, and prosperous.

Our Promise

Opportunity For All

We will help every American achieve the American Dream through the protection of their security, interests, and values.


Well-informed and active citizens are essential to keeping our country safe and strong. Stand for America will provide information to grassroots Americans, to highlight the dangers and the opportunities we face here at home and overseas.  Stand for America will advocate the policies that strengthen our country at all levels of government and in the broader media and culture.

Nikki's Story

Nikki R. Haley is the former United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations. She served as a member of President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and the National Security Council. Understanding her actions and accomplishments at the UN as well as her rise to the position will help you understand why she started Stand For America.


At the United Nations, Ambassador Haley:


  • Ensured the American people saw value for their investment, introducing reforms that made the organization more efficient, transparent, and accountable—negotiating over $1.3 billion in savings, including rightsizing UN peacekeeping missions to make them more effective and targeted while improving their ability to protect civilians.
  • Spearheaded negotiations in the Security Council for the passage of the strongest set of sanctions ever placed on North Korea for its nuclear weapons program, cutting off the regime’s exports by 90 percent and its access to oil by 30 percent.
  • Challenged human rights violators across the globe, standing up to oppressive regimes in Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia.


Overall during her UN tenure, the United States stood proudly with its allies, repeatedly taking a strong and principled stand against the chronic anti-Israel bias at the United Nations.


Prior to becoming the twenty-ninth U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Haley was the Governor of South Carolina from 2011-2017. Under her leadership, South Carolina was a national leader in economic development and known as the “Beast of the Southeast.” Highlights include:


  • An unemployment rate that hit a 15-year low
  • Over $20 billion in new capital investment
  • Leading the nation in foreign capital investment, and
  • Announcing new jobs in every county in the state.


In addition to economic prosperity, Governor Haley made transparency and accountability a priority, ensuring state government worked for the people of South Carolina, not the other way around. This included:


  • Spearheading roll call voting legislation requiring recorded legislative votes so taxpayers across the state knew how their dollars were being spent in the Statehouse
  • Fighting for stricter ethics laws requiring legislators to disclose who pays them and creating a panel for independent investigations of ethics complaints.


Born in Bamberg, South Carolina, she is the daughter of Indian immigrants and a proud graduate of Clemson University. In her first job, Ambassador Haley kept the books for her family’s clothing store—at the age of 13.


Ambassador Haley and her husband, Michael, a combat veteran who deployed to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, have two children.

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