Socialism is Government Control

Socialism is Government Control

Socialism is gaining popularity in America because of “a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism means, in both theory and practice.” This Heritage Foundation commentary highlights this growing issue:

Socialism would put the government in control of business and the economy, including what people can buy and how much things cost. The free market would no longer exist.

Over time, the understanding of what socialism is has dropped. Just 17% of Americans recognize that socialism means government control.

The Left is pushing for government control by making promises for free government benefits and “equality.” In truth, as Amb. Nikki Haley often puts it, “If you go to socialism, everyone’s equal. Equal in poverty… equal in starvation.”

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  • Charles Doyle

    By Charles Doyle


    Government controlled wages is a big win for socialism. Also a big way to increase Government spending. I think it’s like an addiction for Politicians and increasing minimum wage increases tax revenue. Not good!

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