Put the American People Back in Charge

It is common for members of Congress to stay in the same office for 20, 30, 40, sometimes even 50 years. When they do that, a few things happen. First, they become creatures of Washington. They lose touch with the people back home and become beholden to special interests that dominate the politics of the Capitol. Second, this system discourages many good people from seeking office. They know the incumbency racket is stacked against them winning an election, and even if they do win, they know they won’t gain any real authority in Congress until they’re there for twenty years. Most regular people can’t or won’t do that.


We end up with a Congress that does a poor job representing the American people. Can you imagine that in the recent government shutdown, while hundreds of thousands of government workers went without pay, Members of Congress and their staffs still got paid?  It’s true. That happens because career politicians are in charge.


It’s time to Stand For America and put the American people back in charge. We should approve a term limits amendment to the Constitution that limits anyone to serving no more than three terms (six years) in the House and two terms (twelve years) in the Senate. Limiting the terms of members of Congress, just like we limit the terms of the President and most Governors, will bring new people and ideas into the system and stop the problems of political careerism.


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