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Seventy percent tax rates. Elimination of private health insurance. An end to cars and industries that run on non-renewable energy. Trillions in new government spending when our national debt is already at record levels. These are the “fashionable” ideas of the socialist left in America today. Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried. At best, it would turn America into the high-unemployment, economically stagnant socialist welfare states of Europe.  At worst, it would turn America into the corrupt and unlivable socialist “paradise” of Venezuela.


We can do so much better. Low taxes and fewer regulations stimulate the American economy, create new jobs, and protect existing jobs. Lower health insurance prices and better access to quality care will help millions of Americans’ day-to-day lives. Environmental protection that doesn’t destroy American jobs and industry while giving a free pass to the rest of the world. A government that lives within its means. Stand For America by defeating socialism at home.


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