No Friend to America

Russia is no friend to America. It meddles in our political system. It aligns itself with anti-American dictators in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela.  It invades its neighbors. It consistently opposes American initiatives at the United Nations and works against American values overseas.


To Stand For America, we must counter this Russian aggression. There are several ways to do it. The most important way is to keep the American military the strongest in the world. More than anything else, that’s what keeps Russia from doing more harm. Very importantly, we must expand our cyber capabilities to counter Russia’s aggressive cyber warfare efforts.


The next most important way to counter Russia is by expanding American energy supplies. Russia’s economy is weak and highly dependent on their energy resources. The more we compete in the energy space, the tougher it is on Russia.


The people of Ukraine are under siege by Russia. The Trump Administration made the right move in sending defensive weapons to the friendly government of Ukraine. We must stand with the victims of Russian aggression.


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