Critical to U.S. Interests

Latin America is critical to U.S. interests. It is our largest trading region. We have many strong cultural and historical ties. And it is presently a region that is seeing a great movement in the direction of freedom and democracy in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.


At the same time, our country is threatened by narcotrafficking and mass illegal migration that comes from Latin America. Part of those dangers are driven by failed socialist dictatorships. In Venezuela alone, the corrupt narco-state dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro has collapsed its economy and led to the largest migration in South American history. To Stand For America, we must support freedom in Latin America, and oppose socialist and Communist dictators in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba. The governments in those three countries run against the tide of regional history, oppress their own people, and in many cases live off the drug trade.


A strong, healthy, and free Latin America provides great benefits to the American people. A corrupt, impoverished, and socialist Latin America causes many problems for us.


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