Source of Middle East Problems

The Middle East has many problems. The overwhelming source of them is the Islamic Republic of Iran.


In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza, and throughout the region, the jihadist regime in Iran supports terrorists and brutal dictators. Iranian-backed terrorism has reached into Europe and Latin America too.  And of course, at every opportunity, the Iranian government chants “death to America.” It has the blood of thousands of Americans on its hands. To Stand For America, the Iranian revolutionary regime must be stopped.


President Trump was absolutely right to withdraw America from the horrible Iran nuclear deal. That deal gave Iran hundreds of billions of dollars (much of it in cash) that it used to support terrorism around the world. And it only temporarily limited Iran’s ability to produce nuclear weapons. We must be clear that Iran will never have nuclear weapons.


We have no quarrel with the Iranian people. They have suffered very badly at the hands of their fanatical government. America must stand with the Iranian people who are now finding the power of their voice in calling out the horrendous abuses of their own government.


At the other end of the spectrum in the Middle East, is one of America’s greatest friends, Israel. Jerusalem has always been Israel’s capital. President Trump was right to officially recognize that fact, and to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, and its shared values with America run very deep. The American people stand with the people of Israel in their fight for peace and security, and we stand strongly against the outrageous bias pushed against Israel at the United Nations and other international organizations.


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