Biggest Foreign Threat to America

After our own, China’s economy is the second largest in the world. China engages in hostile trade practices, stealing America’s intellectual property, and manipulating their currency for trading advantages against us. China is aggressively enlarging its military, taking over islands in Asian waters, and dangerously expanding its industrial reach into all corners of the world. And we must not forget that China is still a Communist dictatorship that is perhaps the world’s single worst human rights violator, taking surveillance and imprisonment of its citizens to truly Orwellian levels.


To Stand For America, we must view China as a rival — and often a dishonest one – not just another trading partner who we can easily cooperate with. President Trump is on the right track in taking a more aggressive approach to China’s unfair trade practices. If we get that economic relationship right, that will be a great benefit to American workers. But even as we hope to get better trading arrangements with China, we can’t take our eye off what they are doing against America’s interests around the world.


Another critical aspect of our relations with China is the evil dictatorship in North Korea. For decades, China was North Korea’s main ally and protector, all while North Korea was developing nuclear weapons that can strike the American homeland. We must hold China’s feet to the fire to help get rid of North Korea’s nuclear weapons once and for all.


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