Torn From Many Sides

America’s cultural fabric is being torn at from many sides. The news media is obsessed with scandals (real or fake) and cares much less about substance. The political correctness movement on college campuses and in Hollywood demands toleration for every manner of diversity except diversity of thought and speech, which is denounced in the most intolerant way. Religious liberty, a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment, is too often ignored or even trampled by bureaucrats and courts. Identity politics aggressively embraces what makes us different instead of what unites us a country. Too many people on both sides of political disputes see the other side as their enemy instead of their opponent.


Yes, America has some terrible things in our history, and we still have serious problems today, including race and sex discrimination. But America is the greatest country in the history of the world. No other even comes close. And on the issue of discrimination, America is better off today than ever before. We must not turn a blind eye to the problems that still exist, but we must realize that our strength lies in our shared values of freedom, respect, and opportunity for all.


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