Why I Founded Stand For America

Why I Founded Stand For America

America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. That greatness is why generations of people from all over the world have come here legally, including my parents. They reminded my brothers, my sister and me every day just how blessed we were to be born and raised in this country. Growing up in rural South Carolina, I never dreamed I would become our state’s Governor. With hard work, determination, and the incredible support of the people of South Carolina, I was blessed to be able to do that. And then I was doubly blessed to serve the nation I love so dearly, as President Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

My story is proof positive that the American dream is alive and well. America’s greatness comes from our freedom and our values and they must be protected for future generations.

As UN Ambassador I was able to see firsthand the challenges we face around the globe. Iranian-backed radical Islamic terrorism threatens the lives of innocent Americans. Communist China is spreading its influence throughout the world and engaging in unfair and illegal trade practices. North Korea still has nuclear weapons that can hit us. Russia meddles in our elections and invades its neighbors with no regard for their sovereignty.  In our own backyard, socialist dictators in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua oppress their own people and support narco-trafficking that invades America.

At home, our prosperity is challenged by socialist schemes of higher taxes, job-destroying regulations, government-run health care, and unsecure borders. Our government is often held hostage by career politicians who pay more attention to their next election than the next generation. And we have a mass media culture that constantly emphasizes conflict and differences among our fellow citizens rather than what unites us.

Even though I have entered private life, I will never stop standing up for America’s freedom and values. We all have a part to play in keeping our country safe, strong, and prosperous.

64 Replies to “Why I Founded Stand For America

  • Diana Satterfield

    By Diana Satterfield


    very excited to see what we can do together

    • David Lanier

      By David Lanier


      Ambassador Hailey, you are my hero! Keep up the excellent work for the country. When I lived in SC, I had the great privilege of having you as my Governor. America needs more people like you!

  • Margaret Swearingen

    By Margaret Swearingen


    Thank God for you Nikki ! I stand with you

    • Joyce Guy

      By Joyce Guy



  • Vivian

    By Vivian


    Thank you!

  • David

    By David


    Godspeed Nikki, please get to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as fast as you can. The nation needs a clear eyed, thoughtful CEO who knows the country is bigger than one’s ego. When you get there, though, you will be allowed to embarrass and then vanquish Bolton and Pompeo!

    • Mary

      By Mary



    • Tim Davis

      By Tim Davis


      God bless the USA. I stand for our flag, our anthem and love our founding fathers. I support our troops, police officers, first responders, and President Trump. I will defend our freedom from forces both foreign and domestic.

  • Joe Victor Behar

    By Joe Victor Behar


    Amazing initiative! Ambassador Nikki Haley!
    We need leaders as you!
    We need good initiatives as this one!
    We need good people to achieve good things for America and for the World!
    Congratulations for this initiative!

  • Bob

    By Bob


    No offense to Vice President Pence, but rising political superstar Nikki Haley should be on the GOP national ticket in 2020!

  • Yamani Gunawardena

    By Yamani Gunawardena


    Congratulations. Glad you are staying relevant . You are extremely smart , intelligent, cautious and a fast learner . His tou carried yourself so effectively at the UN ( without prior foreign policy experience) shows your interlect and ability to learn and grasp quickly . Your story is inspiring. Country needs courageous, decent public servers like you . Hope you run for President . Good Luck !!

  • John S

    By John S


    Keep up the good work Madame. You did such great things for the people of SC and I am happy to support your goals.

  • Melvin Auman

    By Melvin Auman


    Would love to have you as President!

    • john center

      By john center



  • Edmond Haddad

    By Edmond Haddad


    I can’t wait until we can get you in the White House. You will be our best president.

  • Nick Reinert

    By Nick Reinert


    Extremely happy to see what you’ve started! I’m a big fan and looking forward to seeing more of your authored work. Hope to see you on the big stage in 2024!

  • Ralph

    By Ralph


    Gov. Haley – thank U for your leadership, strength and courage. I respect and appreicate all that you have done for South Carolina and America. Best of luck to you and your family.

    It’s crazy early to think about 2024….but when I do I think about U. #NikkiHaley2024

  • Rita Kardon

    By Rita Kardon


    So glad that you created this forum for the people who admire you, to stay in touch with your ideas. I’m so grateful for your years representing the US at the UN.

  • Michael

    By Michael


    Ambassador Haley, thank you very much for doing this!
    If possible, please post a schedule of events and keynotes so that one has a chance to attend.

  • Stacie Mahler

    By Stacie Mahler


    Awesome! Our family stands behind you!❤️💙🇺🇸

  • Mary Tucker

    By Mary Tucker



    • Julia Forney

      By Julia Forney


      Love you Nicki wish you were still standing for America with us.

  • Kathleen McKenzie

    By Kathleen McKenzie


    Nikki Haley for President 2024!!

  • Deborah Balog

    By Deborah Balog


    You are the female candidate this country needs. You exhibit honesty, integrity and leadership all in one. No one can deny this on either side. You are a role model for all Americans.

  • William O'BRIEN

    By William O'BRIEN


    Thank you Ambassador. You present an excellent platform on which to make great policy and enact meaningful change. Please don’t get too comfortable in “private life.” We’re looking forward to you back in DC as our first female president!!!

    • Randy Larson

      By Randy Larson


      On your side and Stand for America

  • Jean-Patrick

    By Jean-Patrick


    I was disapointed when u leave UN, because you were fantastic, to stand in front cowards and bad guys.
    You’re very inspirational
    Congrats from France in these dark days to see a leader like you are

  • Biswajit

    By Biswajit


    Even though I am not from the USA I have moral support for you. You are a great leader and I would like to see you as President of USA. God bless.

  • William Thomason

    By William Thomason


    I hope you are reading material by and watching the people in this debate: http://bit.ly/2ECHPfz
    Thank you for your service to our country.

  • Patty Crump

    By Patty Crump


    Nikki Haley, thank you! You are a leader we can all be proud to follow, and I look forward to seeing how SFA will work to fight for our true American values. You have my family’s support. God speed, Ambassador!

  • Kristin Pierson Forbes

    By Kristin Pierson Forbes


    Ambassador Haley,
    Thank you for your service, your courage and your strength. I am proud to stand with you!

  • Jason Zielonka, MD

    By Jason Zielonka, MD


    I came to this country when I was ) months old;I’m now 70. My parents were brought here as refugees and Holocaust survivors. This country has given me more than I could imagine and I hope my career in medical research has paid back a small amount of the debt I owe the American people, back to the Founding Fathers (and Mother’s) who created this incredible country and government.

    But as President Reagan said:
    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

    We have allowed our educators to mislead and brainwash our children and allowed politicians to misrepresent our own history and the nature of competing political and economic systems. If we don’t act quickly, Liberty will slip away. We can’t let that happen, under any circumstances.

    we are only one generation away from

  • Gina Dinverno

    By Gina Dinverno


    I stand with you.

  • susan gail

    By susan gail


    I believe that Mike Pence is a patriot with a lust for servce, not power, and that he will do what’s best for America. if everyone contacts him and lets him know the Republicans love him but would he please tell Trump he wants to be Secretary of State in the second term so Nikki can run as VP, maybe we can make it happen. In doing so we can guarantee Trump’s re-election. Trump/Haley is an unbeatable ticket. Trump/Pence is an iffy one.

  • Sue Buxton

    By Sue Buxton


    Excited for this initiative! Thank you, Ambassador Haley!

  • Edwin (Eddie) Taylor

    By Edwin (Eddie) Taylor


    No doubt you will become the first female Republican president. So proud of you, Nikki! Thank you for all you do for South Carolina and our country. The Citadel salutes YOU!

  • Cathy Critser

    By Cathy Critser


    I’m ready to help serve in any capacity that would help our nation and our state. Policies for our nation should be enacted with the input of our citizens as well as our politicians. I am tired of politicians speaking on my behalf. We all have a voice and should stand up. Change can only come when we as a united group demand and work to make it happen! Nikki let me know what we can do to help in Berkeley County, South Carolina

  • Alan Gravitt

    By Alan Gravitt


    I am excited to see you making this move Ambassador. I believe that you are a perfect spokesman for the mainstream of American thought. We must counter the influence of socialist teaching that pervades our schools or else we will lost the country to our own misled children. I stand with you and await your call to action

  • Lynda Williams

    By Lynda Williams


    What a blessing to see that amidst the corruption, greed disdain for American way of life that is rampant in Leaders and the media, God is still raising up wise men and women who are not afraid or ashamed to speak for true Americans! Thank you for paying the price to lead!

  • David Field

    By David Field


    Americans need a source they can trust for non-partisan, neutral presentation of what is going on among our elected officials.
    We need representation not coercion.
    We need truth not propaganda.
    We need to be empowered not manipulated.
    It is time that Congress is held accountable for both what they do and what they leave undone.
    May your initiative provide what We The People need to assess which actions are Constitutional and in the best interest of preserving the Republic.

  • Donald Caldwell

    By Donald Caldwell


    Thank you for your service to the great state of South Carolina, and for your service as UN Ambassador of the greatest country on earth. I would absolutely love to see you and Marsha Blackburn on the ticket as President and Vice President in 2024!

  • Diane

    By Diane


    Very glad to see this. I think you are a great person. I find Presidentia harrassment unbearable. And the constant ridiculous blathering of the new democrats. Horrible.

  • Winder Wayne

    By Winder Wayne


    You have my vote.

  • Paul Brassil

    By Paul Brassil


    You have my support, Ambassador Haley!

  • Myrna Patterson

    By Myrna Patterson


    “Stand for America” goes well with”Make America great again “.
    So glad that you are raising your voice for this great nation. Even with our “warts” this nation stands as the best nation this world has seen..
    Thank you. I stand with you for America.

  • Jennifer Thomas

    By Jennifer Thomas


    We must protect and cherish our America. I’m an 1/2 generation immigrant. I love this country which is revealed in constitution and the principles this country is established; the righteous law, descant people with hard working ethics, you can become anything you want to be with very hard work and many more. We must protect this country from evil ideology and lazy people.

  • Ronnie LaLande

    By Ronnie LaLande


    If one fails to stand for something, they will fall for anything. Standing for America is a large umbrella that covers a multitudes of needs that must be addressed now. Let’s do this! I’m proud of you and am ready to join the movement!

  • Linda Whitlock

    By Linda Whitlock


    I’ve admired the courage you’ve showed as UN Ambassador. You are a true American and it’s wonderful to see that you’ve picked up another torch to light the way for us to find ways to help our country through these sad, difficult times. Thank you.

  • Tom Caton

    By Tom Caton


    I stand by America and I stand with you in this endeavor.
    Strength to us

  • Margaret Ammons

    By Margaret Ammons


    Thank you for giving yourself to the task of Ambassador to the UN. As a North Carolinian, I saw how you governed our neighbor. God has. Been preparing you for the task of governing our country. You have the local, national and international expertise needed. Praying for you

  • Lee Byrd

    By Lee Byrd


    I voted for you twice for Governor of our great state of South Carolina and I had the honor of meeting you in North Augusta for the signing of the reciprocity Concealed carry bill. I look forward to working with you in the future.

  • Deborah

    By Deborah


    I moved to SC a year ago from PA where The taxes were high as well as the snow😊 if my husband or I can help you in any way with your next steps let us know. Please encourage people to get immunized to stop disease outbreaks.

  • John Mahar

    By John Mahar


    As a proud New Zealander living in amazing Australia and as a strong supporter of ANZUS… I say go for it Nikki! 2024 please! Best wishes from Down under! 👍

  • Tony Justi

    By Tony Justi


    Can you please have something in your platform about fixing the debt. Career politicians on both sides are bankrupting the nation.

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  • Nella Groysman

    By Nella Groysman


    Nikki Haley should be first woman president of our country!
    Admire and stand with you!

  • MC

    By MC


    You inspire me as a woman in business and politics. You have my support!

  • Dawn Thompson

    By Dawn Thompson


    Proud of a patriot who loves her country

  • Dennis

    By Dennis


    We need you in 2020. We can’t wait until 2024.

  • Irene Sackett

    By Irene Sackett


    When I moved to South Carolina from New York several years ago, I was delighted to learn that I now had a Conservative Christian as Governor – Nikki Haley. What a breath of fresh air! It was a pleasure to meet you and your family here in York County when you were seeking re-election. Your book, “Can’t Is Not An Option”, paints a picture of a person I would love to have in the White House. That view was reinforced as I followed your strong support not only of America, but also Israel. You have made an indelible on world history. If President Trump doesn’t seek re-election, I pray you consider running. May God bless and protect you and your family.

  • Jeremy

    By Jeremy


    It is one of my greatest desires for you to be the first female President of the United States #Haley2024

  • Mary Jane Olhasso

    By Mary Jane Olhasso


    God Bless America




    Sign me up!

  • Sarah/Lyle Stephenson

    By Sarah/Lyle Stephenson


    Ms.Haley, this is your time…. God works in mysterious and amazing and wonderful ways. I personally believe He is setting the stage, and setting you up to follow Trump as this nation’s next President. It is truly astounding. Only time will tell. God sets up leaders and he takes them down, at His Will and his choosing, in HIS timing. The stage is being set. We are supporting you fully. Our job is to VOTE, and to actively support the right person. That would be YOU. This you turn… You are making good decisions, and positioning yourself RIGHT. We are expect Trump to be passing the baton to you. God is still using this nation, and we believe He is setting it up to ensure that continues for now. I can see you have a terrific, supportive, savvy husband as well, who ENCOURAGES you instead of being jealous and intimidated. Great man… Great team….

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