The Book Reveal!

The Book Reveal!

It’s here!

Many of you know that I’ve been working on a book about my time as governor of South Carolina and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

While the book isn’t set to come out until November, we got to see the cover for the first time today!

I thought a lot about the title for this book. In the end, I chose a title that embodies my belief in the importance of using one’s voice to stand for principle.

Throughout my time as governor and ambassador, I tried to work together with people to bridge policy gaps and find compromises that helped the people I served. At the end of the day, if you’re not making things better for your constituents, then you’re not doing your job. In order to do that, you have to put aside ego and politics and focus on solutions.

But compromise can only take you so far. There are some principles and some values that cannot – should not – be compromised on. There are some times, when you have take a side. The worst thing you can do for the people you serve is to take no side, or to play both sides. If we don’t stand for something, we will stand for nothing.

This philosophy motivated me every day at the United Nations. I worked hard to meet my fellow ambassadors half-way and find common ground on important reforms, but there were moments when I had to take a stand. I had to take a side.

When my fellow ambassadors lambasted Israel while ignoring major human rights violations in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela, I rose up to set the record straight.

When then the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution condemning the United States for moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – a right every sovereign nation deserves to make – I exercised the U.S. veto power for the first time in six years.

After months of working with the U.N. Human Rights Council to implement reforms, there came a point when talk and compromise were not going to cut it. The U.N. Human Rights Council was home to some of the worst human rights abusers in the world (Venezuela, China, Cuba). If the Council could not recognize the hypocrisy and absurdity of its membership, it was time for the United States to leave.

And when the Cuban regime tried to blame America for its economic ruin, I called them out and the U.S. voted against a resolution to end the embargo on Cuba.

I am extremely proud of these moments, but I am also proud that these moments of principle enhanced America’s standing in the world – not weakened it. Even when the U.S. disagreed with other members, we did so respectfully and without personal attacks.

There is a great power in using your voice, but how you use that voice matters. Our political sphere has become a boxing match, with each side looking to score points and land a punch. Nothing good happens when you view the other side as the enemy. We can be principled without being hateful. We can be proud without being mean. Even in moments of defiance, we can’t lose sight of our common humanity and basic civility.

This book is a story about my journey, but it is so much more than that. It is a story about the power of one voice to make a difference. It is the story of the ultimate American Dream – the daughter of Indian immigrants who went on to serve the country she loved. It is a hopeful vision for our future as a nation – a future built on freedom and strength, grace and grit.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts about the cover by commenting below.

28 Replies to “The Book Reveal!

  • James Barham

    By James Barham


    Just let me know when I can pre-order copies for myself and family/friends…autographed would be a nice touch. Hope to see your grit and grace in 2020 Nikki!

    • Yuri Huffman

      By Yuri Huffman


      I am Venezuelan and I have a big admiration for you. Thank you for what you do. I will definitely buy this book. God Bless you Madam Nikki.

      • Salvatore Curcurio

        By Salvatore Curcurio


        You are a great woman and I sincerely hope you and Trey Gowdy will be our next 2024 President and Vice President

    • Kenny Ray

      By Kenny Ray


      I will definitely order your book, I love the cover and I do believe it expresses your core beliefs and values, but also most of us hard working Americans also, I would really appreciate a signed copy and maybe a note! I am not looking for monetary gain , just a personal touch from an outstanding person, thanks!!!

  • Paul Spackman

    By Paul Spackman


    Great cover: simple, direct, beautiful, honest! I would like to obtain a signed copy of the book, please! Waiting for Ambassador Haley to stand for POTUS! Don’t forget to visit us in the UK!

  • Kim Blacklock

    By Kim Blacklock


    cannot wait to read this – thank you! PS – absolutely love the title!

  • Dan Walczuk

    By Dan Walczuk


    I like the cover because it represents you. I like the full picture of you because you don’t stand behind anything to hide yourself or your views. The straight forward title is patriotic and so you. I appreciate your values, work ethic, and graciousness even in difficult situations.

  • Nobert Oehl

    By Nobert Oehl


    You hit it right on the head . Where s the respect for the American citizens?? We pay the salaries of all the people in government and we get NO RESPECT. Our voices are not heard. It’s time for Term Limits on Congress. All they do is try to re-elected . That’s not how it’s supposed to be. I hope you have can keep MAGA going . It’s the right thing . 2024 is not far away, I think you should go for POTUS

  • Sharon Kuperholz

    By Sharon Kuperholz


    Thank you for not tolerating the intolerable and not being another coward in a room full of tyrants. You embody integrity, courage and intelligence.

  • Tom Kosmicki

    By Tom Kosmicki


    Your first book was great and this one looks and sounds to be even better. Missed you in Minneapolis a couple of weekends ago but hope you are in the Wisconsin area soon.

  • Harry Mullin

    By Harry Mullin


    I am not religious, but when I read “The worst thing you can do for the people you serve is to take no side, or to play both sides. If we don’t stand for something, we will stand for nothing.” I can only reply, Amen!

    Hopefully your grace and grit will continue as the stakes rise in the wider arena to which you are moving. I see no one on either side of the aisle who can even spell principle, let alone know what it means. All the Best!!

    • Evelyn

      By Evelyn


      Spot on!
      I couldn’t have said it better.
      Ditto from me!
      I vote Nikki Haley POTUS 2024.

  • Angel

    By Angel


    I will be donating to Stand for America as often as possible. If you decide to do a book tour to promote your new book, please come to California and get the word out on Facebook or Twitter of your dates and location. I preordered my copy from amazon.

  • Mark

    By Mark


    Let us know when it can be ordered. May be autographed? Good luck Nikki!

  • Dylan Mclellan

    By Dylan Mclellan


    Amazing cover! I hope you run for President in 2024. We need someone like you!

  • Bruce McGrail

    By Bruce McGrail


    I have never wished I was American or lived in America: New Zealand is pretty good! But to have a leader with your grace, strength intellect and your unashamed conservative position would be a dream. I would love you to come on a book promotion tour.

  • Christina

    By Christina


    I hope there will be an opportunity to purchase an autographed copy! Please keep us posted.

  • Cherie Cahoon

    By Cherie Cahoon


    The Cover is to the point Nikki but I sure would like to see you in Red rather than Pink and with the background being white the Title may stand out a bit better in dark blue print. That would make your cover red (dress) white (background) and blue (print). God Bless and keep you. Keep Standing no matter what in the future!!!

  • Benjamin Leibowitz

    By Benjamin Leibowitz


    Stand for Respect Great title and more important Great sentiment I appreciate your honest and candor in representing the US in the UN Also your strength and conviction in demonstrating and pointing out the hypocrisy of member states
    Looking forward for what I believe will be s great read

  • Richard Lemke

    By Richard Lemke


    Thank you for being a leader when so many others just follow the popular, but destructive, choice. I admired the courage and grace you exhibited in South Carolina,and am thankful for all you are doing for our nation. My prayers are with you and all conservative leaders. May God be with you and us all!

  • Carole Lieberman, M.D.

    By Carole Lieberman, M.D.


    Powerful cover! You embody both the ‘grit and grace’ – and leave no doubt about your commitment to defending America. I hope you will come on my radio show to give people a preview of what they can look forward to when they read your book, which undoubtedly will be a success!

  • Esther

    By Esther


    This book looks amazing! I think the title totally sums up your courage in the face of adversity. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “agree to disagree.”
    I would love to preorder – do you ship to Israel?? And yeah, autographed would be nice 😉

  • Gail Russell

    By Gail Russell


    I love the bright and hopeful aura of the cover. Unafraid is also a word the comes to mind when I see your image. Looking forward to reading your book.

  • Glenda Regenbaum

    By Glenda Regenbaum


    Love the title and the whole look. Congratulations! Look forward to reading it.

  • Olivia Chavez-Carroll

    By Olivia Chavez-Carroll


    Absolutely WONDERFUL!! This California native , Gamecock Grad & Proud SCANG Pilot will be PRE-Ordering multiple copies for family friends and even non-believers!! I am proud to have been in Carolina under your charge and even more proud when your Grace and Grit took you to the U.N. !!! Congratulations Ambassador, thank you for being a Woman of your words.

  • Claire

    By Claire


    Love the cover. Can’t wait to read!

  • Teresa jordan

    By Teresa jordan


    So happy to see you again and to know you are still out there fighting for this country and this President . Than you so much Mrs . Haley

  • Greg NcNeice

    By Greg NcNeice


    Just pre-ordered it (CD). Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

    Here is my hope: VP (your good friend) steps aside in 2022 during the next Trump Administration and Trump names you as VP – so that you can become our President in 2024. You had better since I just bought your 2024 campaign T-Shirt on Amazon and it can’t go to waste!!

    Tiger fan. Architect of Clemson/GHS research consortium – now CUBEInc

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