Here’s what you need to know this week – January 19th

Here’s what you need to know this week – January 19th

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U.S. leadership on energy

If you listen to the far-left, fracking is a dirty word. During this week’s Democrat debate, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren called for an across-the-board ban on fracking. But even fellow liberals, like Amy Klobuchar, think this goes too far.

→ What is fracking? Hydraulic fracking is a drilling technique used to extract oil and gas in a cost-effective way. The innovation has created a natural gas boom in the United States over the past decade.

→ Why do liberals hate fracking? Liberals like Bernie Sanders envision a world in which ALL fossil fuels are completely eliminated. 🤔

→ What are the benefits of fracking: Fracking has created millions of jobs, boosting local economies across America’s heartland and making the American economy stronger overall. It’s also alleviated our dependence on oil – especially foreign oil – and helped the United States lead the world in reducing carbon emissions (a point the far-left clearly doesn’t want to acknowledge). Finally, the fracking boom has lowered gas prices across the country, putting more money in hardworking Americans’ pockets. 🎉

Bottom line: The far-left’s ban on fracking is just another example of how radical progressives have become on climate change – they are willing to sacrifice America’s economy and national security to score political points.


Eliminating regulations & speeding up American growth

Here’s a fascinating fact: The national wonder that is the Hoover Dam was built in only five years. Today, simple infrastructure projects lie dormant for many more years because of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

→ What is NEPA? NEPA is a 1970 law requiring an environmental study before proceeding with any construction project that uses federal funds or permitting.

→ How has NEPA worked? The short answer: Terribly. Case in point: An effort to expand Interstate 70 in Denver by 12 miles resulted in an 8,951-page study with a 7,307-page appendix and took 13 years to be completed. Basically, NEPA rules have become a way for bureaucrats to hold up important and necessary infrastructure projects.

→ What’s new: This week, the Trump administration released rules clarifying and streamlining NEPA. Of course, liberals were outraged. Enter Nancy Pelosi, stage left:

“This means more polluters will be right there, next to the water supply of our children. That’s a public health issue. That in their denial of climate, they are going to not use the climate issue as anything to do with environmental decision-making.”

Bottom line: It’s been 40 years since NEPA was written, and it’s time to rein in its worst elements. It is possible to protect our environment and build roads, bridges, and other projects at the same time. All we need is a little common sense. Too bad it’s in such short supply in Washington.


Putting China on notice

The United States took an important step forward in reaching a trade agreement with China this week, signing Phase One, which covers a wide array of economic concerns, from agricultural imports, to access to financial markets, to intellectual property theft.

→ What’s the big deal? President Trump has fundamentally changed the United States’ relationship with China and put its Communist government on notice: China can no longer steal American technology and inventions with impunity and get trade terms that benefit its economy at the expense of our own. 🇺🇸💪

→ What to look out for: Whether China actually upholds its end of the bargain. After all, the Communist country has a long track record of cheating. But America has sent China an important message: We won’t be taken advantage of.

Amb. Haley has been outspoken on the Chinese threat and specifically, Chinese theft:


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Giving into Iran’s threats

Amb. Nikki Haley was a leading advocate of leaving the Iran nuclear deal in 2018. Since then, she has urged our European allies to join the United States in recognizing the threat of the Iranian regime and reimposing sanctions.


Europe has refused to listen until now, trying to preserve the Iran deal at all costs. Finally, this week, Britain, France and Germany took steps to reimpose international sanctions on Iran.

→ Why now? A week ago, Iran announced it would not comply with uranium enrichment limits mandated by the agreement. This move came after months of Iran slowly backing away from other commitments in the deal, including a ban on developing missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons.

→ How did Iran respond? The usual. The regime stuck to its tried and true playbook: threats and bullying (if ain’t broke…), openly threatening violence against European soldiers.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then continuing to coddle Iran is nothing short of… insane.

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Get out your stamps and mark your calendar for Feb. 14. A 104-year old World War II Marine Corps veteran is asking people to send him Valentine’s Day cards. What are you waiting for? 💌 Send cards to:

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Adding Up Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

Adding Up Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

We’ve all known that Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda would be expensive. But now we know exactly how costly it would be for American taxpayers.

Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute added up all of Sanders’ expensive proposals and found that, in total, Sanders is proposing $97.5 trillion in new spending over the next ten years.

The result of these proposals? The government would employ 50% of American workers, spend 70% of the U.S. economy on government programs, and add $90 trillion to the national debt.

Check out our infographic below totaling his proposals:

Socialism is Government Control

Socialism is Government Control

Socialism is gaining popularity in America because of “a fundamental misunderstanding of what socialism means, in both theory and practice.” This Heritage Foundation commentary highlights this growing issue:

Socialism would put the government in control of business and the economy, including what people can buy and how much things cost. The free market would no longer exist.

Over time, the understanding of what socialism is has dropped. Just 17% of Americans recognize that socialism means government control.

The Left is pushing for government control by making promises for free government benefits and “equality.” In truth, as Amb. Nikki Haley often puts it, “If you go to socialism, everyone’s equal. Equal in poverty… equal in starvation.”